I'm all about romanticizing moments and

capturing memories.

The girl behind the camera

Ooh, that's me! I won't give you my whole life's story but I will tell you that I fell in love with photography during my sophomore year of high school. My friends became my first models and "hanging out" really meant finding a new spot and doing a photoshoot. In college, I started getting paid to take senior photos and acting headshots for my friends in the theatre school. It wasn't till I graduated from college that I decided to take the leap and turn my "fun hobby" into one of my favorite jobs ever.

A young woman in high waisted jeans and a white button down sits on a wooden stool kicking her legs up and balancing

“Emily is the best! She provides a fun and personalized experience, with high-quality results. We loved how our maternity and newborn pictures turned out and look forward to working with her on future family photos! Fair price for lasting memories.”

A couple of truths...but no lies

I was never very good at "Two Truths and a Lie". So here's a little more about me :)

-Pretty sure I'm obsessed with road trips. (My favorite was Denver -> Seattle -> San Diego -> back to Denver.)

-I have a hard time buying home decor from a store because I think "I could DIY that" literally every time.

-Salty over sweet any day. Potato chips & white cheddar popcorn are my weakness.

-My happy place is somewhere beautiful with a fancy drink in my hand watching the summer sun set

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