Passion turned hobby, photography found me more than I found it.

An artists eye never rests

Photography for me has slowly evolved from a pastime to a hobby to a passion. My friends became my models as our hang-outs and adventures turned into photoshoots. I would find any and every excuse to bring my camera with me.

I pride myself on using my skill sets in both fine and performing arts to produce both beautiful photos and a unique experience for my clients.

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Questions about me

How much experience do you have?

I am a self-taught photographer. Although I've never studied photography, I've been booking photoshoots for 5 years. The summer of 2020 was my first step into the world of wedding photography, having photographed 7 weddings since!

Are you willing to travel?

Absolutely! I am based in Colorado, but am willing to travel wherever you'd like! I love hiking and exploring nature. I've already been on 2 road trips to the west coast and plan on many more! Nothing like capturing memories by making a whole adventure out of it :)

Do you edit the photos?

I do, after I've sorted through all the images and pick out the best ones. (No blinking, no hair in your face...etc.) I will do simple color and lighting adjustments, and blemish removal such as zits or other little imperfections. I always talk to my clients about exactly what they're looking for in terms of editing. I do not have one editing style--as other photographers do--because I feel like the photos should reflect you: your taste, your personality, your style. If you are ever unhappy with an edit, just talk to me and I'd be happy to work with you on something you'd like better.

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