Winter weddings are absolutely GORGEOUS, especially in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The white snow, the beautiful green of the pine trees, and the snow-capped mountains. (Or completely white mountains depending on our snowfall.)

Most people will back some sort of "day-of" wedding kit with things like Advil, chapstick, safety pins, bandaids, gum/mints, deodorant...etc. but there are a few things specific to a winter wedding I recommend you pack.

1: Electric Hand Warmer

I only JUST found out about these. Whether you're the bride/groom, in the wedding party, or even just attending the wedding, you will want one of these. Long gone are the days of those little packets you have to shake and only last 20 minutes (if you're lucky). There are rechargeable, electronic hand warmers that are not only super helpful but environmentally friendly and do a MUCH better job than the little chemical packets.

Shop Electric Hand Warmer here

2: Sunscreen

I know what you're thinking: "But it's not summer. It could be cloudy." Yes, you are right, but that doesn't mean that you don't need sunscreen. It's SO important to wear sunscreen on your face in the winter, especially in Colorado. 1.) The sun reflects off the snow so it's SUPER easy to get sunburned and 2.) Colorado is closer to the sun so the UV index is higher, so a higher SPF is super important.

You can use normal sunscreen as you do in the summer, but I really like having a nice sunscreen that is specific for your face. A few of my favorite brands are Sun Bum and Hawaiian Tropic as a sort of "middle-of-the-road" price range. They're natural, offer mineral sunscreen options, and honestly smell SO GOOD.

Shop Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen

Shop Sun Bum sunscreen

3: SPF Chapstick

Along the same page, grab some SPF chapstick too. I've definitely sunburned my lips before after going skiing or hiking in the winter. Colorado also is VERY dry. (30% humidity feels humid to us.) So make sure you have some SPF chapstick to prevent sunburned & chapped, dry lips.

For SPF, SunBum makes some great chapstick with tinted options too. I've found that using SPF chapstick and then a petroleum-based balm on top works the best for me (something like Carmex or Aquaphor).

Shop SunBum chapstick

Shop Aquaphor

4: Insulated Mug for a warm drink during photos

If you're hoping for those snowy couples photos after your ceremony, I HIGHLY recommend bringing a thermos full of your favorite hot drink with you. I usually recommend couples set aside 20 minutes for couples photos (every photographer is different), but no matter what, I want you to be comfortable during your little newly-wed photo session.

You can grab any insulated mug or thermos you already have, but if you need to pick one up, this "Coffee" brand mug is amazing. I got my brother 2 of them for Christmas and they're so nice. They keep your drink nice and hot AND it's spill proof. 

Shop "Coffee" brand insulated mug

5: Fur shawls for bride & bridesmaids

We love a cute AND practical wedding accessory. These fur shawls just scream cozy winter wedding and I love them. They come in so many different colors so you're bound to find something that will compliment your wedding colors.

Shop Fur Shawl

6: Fleece-lined leggings to wear under your dress

I have lived in Colorado my entire life and this is my biggest hack. Wear fleece lined leggings under your dress. You'll be SO much warmer and more comfortable.

I recommend getting nude colored leggings just incase your skirt is a little see-through. You don't want to see dark black leggings through your tulle skirt. Just be sure to try on your leggings with your dress and stand in the sunlight to really make sure they won't show.

Shop Fleece Lined Leggings

7: Wool/Cabin socks

Another tip from your Colorado-native-photographer: wool hiking socks. Wool is best for keeping you warm in crazy cold air. Don't worry, this isn't the same wool as your grandma's super scratchy sweater. Most hiking socks are made out of merino wool which is so much softer.

Shop Merino Wool

8: Good lotion

Colorado is very dry, and when it's cold out, it feels even worse. Prevent dry, cracked skin with some really good lotion. No, not the cute smelling lotion from Bath & Body Works; real, good, hearty lotion. (Can lotion be hearty?)

These are the two I recommend: Gold Bond you can find pretty much anywhere and it's a lower price point. If you want something a little nicer, the L'Occitane is an amazing brand and they have a bunch of beautiful scents. The Gold Bond can feel a little waxy sometimes, but it does the job. The L'Occitane just soaks into your skin so wonderfully, it's definitely my favorite.

Shop Gold Bond Hand Lotion

Shop L'Occitane Shea Hand Cream

9: Oxygen

This isn't necessarily a winter-only recommendation, but it's important to list here too. Colorado is naturally at a higher elevation than most other states in the country. (Mile High City...Denver is literally about 1 mile above sea level). Depending on where in the mountains you are getting married, you could rise to elevation around 8,000-10,000 feet (1 mile is 5280 feet). Some people experience altitude sickness when they come from out of state (or even in state if you ascend too fast.)

To prevent that, drink a lot of water and bring some oxygen with you. The air is thinner the higher you go so your body will need to work a little harder to get the oxygen it needs. Another tip to help prevent altitude sickness is to allow yourself a few days to acclimate to the new elevation. I always recommend a day or two in Denver when you fly in, and then 2 days in the mountains at the elevation you'll be on your wedding day. This allows your body time to adjust and make sure you don't feel the altitude sickness the day-of your wedding.

Shop Oxygen bottles

10: Cozy blanket

Whether you bring your own or provide them for your guests, you'll be glad you have some cozy blankets to curl up in during the reception. (Little post-reception party with a bonfire and s'mores all bundled up in a blanket? How stinking cute.)

I've linked two awesome options below: the first is a sherpa picnic blanket which is so nice to bring outside with you. (Warm up under this blanket with your mug of tea during couples photos...) The best part is that one side is waterproof, so if it's snowing, you'll stay nice and dry. The other blanket is this stunning bamboo & wool blanket. Wool (like the socks) will keep you super warm, and the bamboo is SO SOFT. I have a few bath towels and some bed sheets made from bamboo and they honestly get softer with each wash. (And, it's more sustainable for my eco-friendly humans out there.)

Shop Sherpa Waterproof Picnic blanket

Shop Bamboo Wool blanket

BONUS: Faux snow confetti

Confetti exit but make it snow! My tip for you is to get faux snow that people use for holiday crafts and winter village set-ups. Real snow will NOT work the way you want it to for anything confetti-photo-wise. (Trust me, I've tried.) It just clumps and falls very ungracefully. The faux snowflakes look gorgeous AND won't freeze your hands. The photo on the left is me using the faux snow on a photoshoot and look how fun it turned out!

Shop Faux Snow

I hope you found a few things to add to your packing/shopping list for your winter wedding! I want to make sure you are prepared and feeling comfortable and stress-free on your wintery-wedding day.