Not sure how you want to structure your wedding day? I’m going to give you 3 examples of wedding timelines

to look at so you can see what you like, don’t like, and what you want to add to your own. 

Wedding Timeline #1

This is your pretty typical wedding timeline (at least from what I’ve seen & been a part of). Most people structure this with the ceremony time in mind first, and building out from there.

Wedding Timeline #2

This timeline is for the couple who want lots of beautiful photos so the structure is based around sunset couples photos. Times may change depending on what time of year the wedding is. This timeline is structured for summertime.

Wedding Timeline #3

This last timeline I’m going to share is a great example of how to structure your wedding day if the ceremony & reception are at two different locations so guests would have to drive between the two during the day. There also is no first look in this timeline, so the bride & groom would see each other for the first time when she walks down the isle.

I hope these example timelines can give you a little jumping off point as you start to plan your wedding day. My biggest tip: pick the time of which aspect is most important to you and your fiance to get started. Some couples pick their ceremony time first, some couples pick what time they want dinner or dancing to start. Whatever it is, pick that “anchor” and everything else will fill in like puzzle pieces around it. 

Be sure to save the timelines to look back at later! You can add the photos to Pinterest or save this page in your bookmarks!