Casual & Cute Couples Photos

Allie & David won one of my "mini studio sessions" giveaway spots (I wanted to celebrate hitting a social media milestone!) and their photos were everything! I had always wanted to do a couples session in a studio. I loved the simplicity and the attention the photos bring to the couple's unique relationship. You can wear anything and it looks good, plus, you don't need to brave any of the natural elements to get good, natural-lit photos. (Wow, why haven't I done one of these sooner?!?)

I sent Allie a little mood board with some of my ideas for outfits & posing and the general "vibe" we could go for. She approved it and asked if we could take a second to get some professional headshots of the two of them to add to LinkedIn. (Of course, I said yes! I'm always down to snap a few new profile headshots).

This was one of 2 sessions I ended up doing that day, both at the same studio with completely different vibes. If you want to see the other couples' photos (we did a game/movie date night theme!) --> you'll want to click here. Here are a couple of my favorites from Allie & David's session :)