A dark studio + experimental lighting = really cool portraits

Every year for the past 3 years, my best friend and I have done a photoshoot for Valentine's day. We always timed it so I'd have enough time to edit the photos so we could release them (post them) on Valentine's day. Each year, the photos have all been different styles but somehow stays on the same theme: Femme Fatale. We've explored capturing the different archetypes of the characteristic, and each year I swear the photos just keep getting better and better. (Makes sense, you grow a lot in a year!)

Keileigh planned all of her own outfits and we each created a sort of "shot list" in our head of the poses she wanted to do and the shots/angles I wanted to take. We had planned to take photos in my parent's basement (which is currently being finished so we'd have blank walls & no furniture), but decided last minute to borrow one of my colleague's spaces and black backdrop. It was PERFECT.

I brought ALL of my studio lights and LED film lights (I wanted as many options as I could get), and a few fun things for special effects, like a blue sunset lamp I got from Amazon and a can of atmospheric aerosol spray. (Featured in the image at the top of this page...and more down below.)

I CANNOT WAIT to share these photos with you.