Capturing your love

Making Memories + Capturing Your Love

Want couples photos that capture the unique spark and personality you and your significant other have? Well lucky for you, you're in a good place!

Whether we take photos at a location meaningful to you two, go somewhere new for a little adventure, or stay indoors for something more cozy and intimate, I'm ready to not only give you beautiful photos but help you make memories that last.

Guy pulls her girlfriend in for a kiss in the Utah mountains

Photo session turned date...

It doesn't have to be all poses and camera angles. Let's do something fun and maybe new! Being born and raised in Colorado, I know TONS of great places we can go hiking, maybe we take some paddleboards out on a lake, or learn how to roller-blade. Maybe you're a "stay-in on Friday night" couple and would rather try your hand at cooking a new recipe, make an awesome indoor picnic/pillow fort, or see who is better at finger painting (bet you haven't done that since Kindergarten!)

We can plan it together, or I can surprise you! Think of me as your date agent - like a travel agent but then you get awesome photos of the new memories you made!

Pricing & Packages

Package A

30 minutes | 1 location | 1 outfit
Full digital gallery
Perfect if you just want some quick, fun, beautiful photos together


Package B

60 minutes | 1 location | 2 outfits
*Photographer recommended
Great for adding a little activity to your session! Picnic, painting, cooking date...


Package C

90 minutes | 2 locations | 3-4 outfits
My pick if you want to go on a mini-adventure during your session, or go to both a city & outdoor location


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