Couples & Engagement

Capturing your love

Photos that capture your unique relationship & story

Whether your need engagement or "just because" photos, I can't wait to capture a piece of your love story.

For those adventurous couples, we can go for a hike and find beautiful mountain scenery, go downtown for a more urban feel, or do a cozy session at home for my homebodies. Whatever you decide, I'll be there ready to capture all the cute, romantic, and silly moments that make your relationship so special.

Pricing & Packages

The Classic

25-35 minutes | 1 location | 1 outfit
Full digital gallery
Perfect if you just want some quick, fun, beautiful photos together


The Signature

40-50 minutes | 1 location | 2 outfits
*Photographer recommended
Great for adding a little activity to your session! Picnic, painting, cooking date...


The Deluxe

60-80 minutes | 2 locations | 3 outfits
My pick if you want to go on a mini-adventure during your session, or fit in 2 completely different types of locations!


It's a Date!

It doesn't have to be all poses and camera angles. Let's do something fun and maybe new! Maybe we take some paddleboards out on a lake, or learn how to roller-blade. Maybe you're a "stay-in on Friday night" couple and would rather try your hand at cooking a new recipe, make an awesome indoor picnic/pillow fort, or see who is better at finger painting (bet you haven't done that since Kindergarten!)

A young couple sit side by side on a paddle board and snuggle into each other while the sun sets.

Doing an activity helps take away some of the "stage fright" being in front of a camera can give you. It will also make for some adorable, candid, "in-the-moment" photos.

Need To See Some Sessions?

Let's add a little video in to the mix!

Truly re-live those "movie magic" moments

I'm not claiming to be a videographer


I am the person if you're looking for

-a short, sweet, simple video that have a "photos come to life" feel (think Harry Potter)

-Want a quick video to share on social media (for your Instagram Reels or TikTok)

-Just want a little extra special souvenir from your day

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