Flexible, no-fuss, and super communicative -- that's me!

I'm here to make your experience as smooth as possible

I'll meet you where YOU are at. Not finding a session package that fits what you want? We'll build your perfect one together! Have a lot of questions along the way? No worries, I'm always an email or text away and LOVE to help out. I'll give you all the information you need (and more) in an organized and timely manner to make sure you're comfortable & confident throughout the entire process.

What you can expect, step by step

Step 1: We connect & Chat

Fill out my booking form to start the conversation. give me as many details as you can and I'll respond within 48 hours!

Step 2: Book your session

Once we get all of the details sorted out, I'll send over a contract & an invoice for you to sign and pay the deposit on. Then, you're all booked and ready to go!

Step 3: Along the way

In-between the day you book and the day of your wedding or photo session, I'll be here to answer any questions you have. We might jump on a phone or video call to solidify any big "day of" details.

Step 4: photo time!

All you got to do is show up being your magnificent, gorgeous self and I'll direct you through the whole session.

Step 5: Getting your photos

Within 2 weeks (4 for weddings) I'll send you an online gallery with all of your beautifully edited photos.

Making sure your photos look as amazing as you are

My Editing Process

Sifting & Sorting

The very first thing I do is sort through every single photo I took that day and pick out only the very best. I leave behind photos where people are blinking or making an unflattering expression...those kinds of photos.

Color Adjusting

Next, I'll edit the photos so the lighting and colors look freaking stunning. This is really where the photos start to come to life and reflect the feeling & memories of the day.

Final Touches

this step can differ depending on the photos, but this is where I get rid of those pesky pimples, funny fuzzes on shirts, background distractions, exit signs...all things that require a little "movie magic".

A before and after image of a cool, dark, unedited image on the right and the brightened, edited image on the left
Before and after images at a wedding where the after image shows the exit sign and other lights edited out

Looking to add a little bit of video to your gallery?

Digital gallery delivered right to your inbox

After I sift through all your photos and spend a while editing them till they look gosh-darn amazing, I'll put them all into a neat little online gallery and send the link to you through your email. I always put a 4-digit download PIN on the gallery to make sure your photos stay safe and only you & the people you want to can download your beautiful memories.

For weddings, I also put the entire gallery on a flash drive and send it in a neat little wooden box with 25 of your favorite photos printed out on gorgeous, glossy photo paper.

You have the option to buy more prints of all kinds of sizes, canvases, other wall art, and even cards directly in your gallery through my storefront. Everything is printed through labs that special in photos, so the quality is absolutely gorgeous. I've ordered so many kinds of prints from them and am impressed every time.

A couple wearing beautiful bright blues eskimo kiss with a snowy peak off in the distance.

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