A Colorado-based Photographer for your current chapter of life --- no matter where you are.

Engagements, weddings, graduations, starting a new job, growing your family -- these are all such memorable chapters in your life. I'm here to help capture each exciting, loving, silly, emotional, and authentic moment you'll want to relive for years to come.

Hi, I'm Emily and

I'm here to capture the real, authentic moments that make life so memorable

I’m a born & raised Colorado gal who specializes in capturing the intimate & authentic moments that make your current chapter of life so special. Based out of Northern Colorado, I've traveled all over the state (and surrounding states) to capture stories & memories that will last a life time.

A young business woman smiles at the camera while she's sitting on a pink velvety couch.
A bride and groom kiss and dip in the distance with sweeping Utah hills behind them

From moments to memories -- these photos are all about you

From moments to memories -- these photos are all about you

We'd be a great fit if you're looking for someone who:

-Values the photos YOU want

-Captures your style & personality

-Is super flexible and no fuss

-Meets you where you are & helps you all along the way
A bride and groom walk off into the meadow with snow covered peaks in the distance.

“Emily went above and beyond her duties as a photographer by also offering to help with set-up and other pre-ceremony things. She was sweet and supportive, which is exactly what I needed on such an eventful day. It was great to have an extra hand!”

What chapter are you hoping to capture?

Ready to capture your favorite memories?

I'm ready, lets do it!

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